About Us

P&G Association Management has been in the HOA industry since 2012. As former PGA Golf Professionals and General Managers of Country Clubs, we have over fifty (50) years of management experience and bring those same ideals and levels of service and consistency to the Homeowners Association industry.

We have experience dealing with similar challenges facing Board of Directors in the areas of members (owners), landscaping, asphalt and concrete, gates and other community issues. Additionally, we understand the importance of providing accurate and complete financial information to the Board, so this information can be extrapolated to create an accurate budget, thus assisting your Board to make financially sound decisions throughout the year.

Our philosophy is to remain a small company, so that we promise to personally help your Board of Directors manage the community, while working directly with the owners to help ensure the affairs of your homeowners association are handled effectively.

We provide the following services:

  • Accounting Services

  • Consulting

  • Community Relations Specialists

  • Covenant & Deed Restriction Enforcement

  • Financial Reporting

  • Project Management

  • Minute Recording

  • Board Meetings