Telephone Call Scam

In the past week there have been reports of a person calling citizens claiming to be a police officer from LVMPD and HPD. This person says something along the lines of a missed court date and is requesting people come down to LVMPD headquarters or HPD’s main police station to pay off fines. These calls are scams and in no way affiliated with LVMPD or HPD. 
Our valley police departments will not contact citizens by phone to solicit money. If you get a call like this please hang up on the person and call 311 to report the incident. 
Remember to never give out Personal Identification Information (PII) over the phone or internet to someone that has contacted you. Only provide that information when you are assured the company and person you are communicating with is legitimate. If you get a call from your bank or credit card company I suggest listing to them but not provide them PII information. Once they are done talking, get their title and name and tell them you will call them back from the phone number on the back of your card. That way you know, if you talk to them again, they are who they say they are. 
As always stay safe and vigilant.

Dane Mattoon
Captain West Area Command
Henderson Police Department
Henderson, NV 89015
702-267-4589 desk